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A Case Study of Mr. Handyman of Memphis with Ebb and Grow Marketing

Mr. Handyman of Memphis, a franchise providing handyman services, faced challenges with their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Local Service Ads (LSA) advertising campaigns. The owner, Andy sought a second opinion from Ebb and Grow Marketing.

This case study illustrates how personalized management and strategic optimization led to
improvements in campaign performance and revenue generation.


  • Budget Overruns: Andy felt constantly pressured to simply increase budgets any time he expressed concerns with lead volume.
  • Lack of Optimization: Previous campaigns were not effectively optimized to target the right audience or capitalize on available opportunities.
  • Inadequate ROI: Despite significant investments in PPC advertising, the franchise was not experiencing substantial growth in leads or revenue that came from the campaigns.


Ebb and Grow Marketing conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Mr. Handyman of Memphis’s PPC and LSA campaigns and identified areas for improvement. By implementing personalized management and strategic optimization, the following solutions were implemented:

  • Audience Targeting: A thorough analysis of the franchise’s target audience was conducted to tailor PPC campaigns to the demographics and preferences of potential customers.
  • Campaign Optimization: Existing PPC campaigns were overhauled to eliminate wasteful spending and focus on high-converting keywords and ad placements.
  • Custom Offer Development: Customized offers and landing pages were created to showcase the unique services offered by Mr. Handyman of Memphis, increasing relevance and conversion rates.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment: Ebb and Grow Marketing provided ongoing monitoring and adjustment of PPC and LSA campaigns.


After working with Ebb and Grow Marketing, Mr. Handyman of Memphis experienced significant improvements in campaign performance and revenue generation:

Graph showing the a 71.77% increase in total leads for Mr. Handyman of Memphis.

Total calls in Q1 of 2024 increased by 71.77%, indicating a substantial growth in lead generation.

Graph showing the a 31.66% increase in total revenue for Mr. Handyman of Memphis.

Total revenue increased by 31.66%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the optimized PPC and LSA campaigns in driving business growth.

The partnership between Mr. Handyman of Memphis and Ebb and Grow Marketing exemplifies the importance of personalized management and strategic optimization in maximizing marketing ROI. By addressing inefficiencies and focusing on targeted strategies, the franchise was able to achieve significant improvements in campaign performance and revenue generation. This case study highlights the value of seeking alternative solutions and conducting regular evaluations to ensure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

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